industrial Automation for Central Pennsylvania

Schaedler Yesco has the distinction of being a Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley distributor.
Our team of Automation Specialists are highly skilled experts who understand automation technologies and applications.

Areas of expertise include:
  Industrial Control
Information Systems
Condition Monitoring
Industrial Networks
Motor Control (Drives and Softstarts)
Motion Control (Servos and Actuators)
The following value-add services can be provided by the SYD Industrial Automation Team:
Pre-Sales Application Support
  • Our team of Automation Specialists possesses a great deal of application experience from the
field and will provide detailed pre-sales help and guidance.
• Tell us about your future plans and we will assist you in choosing products that will meet your
application requirements.
System Design and Configuration Assistance
  • SYD’s Automation Specialists will review your application requirements and assist you in
designing an Automation solution.
• Recommendations will take the following into account:
     - Existing installed base
     - Skillset of Engineering/Support Staff
     - Future Expansion
     - Total Cost of Ownership
• SYD IA Staff routinely assist customers with initial configuration of hardware and software
Turn-Key Solutions
  • If you are interested in having an Automation application done for you, SYD can help by
partnering with multiple resources:
     - Local and National Systems Integrators
     - Local Contractors
     - Rockwell Automation Services
Post-sale Technical Support
  • Minimize your costly downtime by using our post-sale services for the expertise and resources
you need to diagnose, start up, troubleshoot and repair your processes. Our tech support staff is
ready to talk you through hardware or software configuration and startup.
Exchange/Repair Parts Programs
  • SYD partners with Rockwell Automation Repair Services on major automation brands and
products, you have a single source solution for all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical, and
servo product repairs.
Asset Management Services
  • SYD can offer comprehensive storeroom, spare parts, and repair management solutions via
Rockwell Automation Services.
• The Rockwell Automation asset management portfolio helps enhance the performance of your
entire production environment.





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