3 Distributors Sharing Common Ground Across Pennsylvania

3 Distributors Sharing Common Ground
Taking One Stop Shopping to a Whole New Level

 In today's busy world, time is money and lost productivity can cause job delays.  Wouldn't it be nice to make one stop instead of three when picking up material needed for a job?  Well now you can!

We’ve embarked on a unique concept of three independent distributors in the same location(s) to save you time and money by reducing or eliminating the need to make multiple stops. IPS (Industrial Piping Systems), APR Supply Company, and Schaedler Yesco have all joined together to make this possible. All of the traditional services you have come to expect from each of these three distributors can now be found “On Common Ground” throughout Pennsylvania.

Schaedler Yesco Visit aprsupply.com Visit ipspipe.com
Schaedler Yesco
Electrical, Lighting,
Automation, & DataComm


APR Supply Co.
Plumbing, Heating,
A/C, & Controls

(717) 274-5999
Industrial Piping Systems
Pipe, Valves,
& Fittings


Joint Venture

Sharing Common Ground in...
 New Oxford  
 Pocono Mtns  
 State College