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  March/April 2021 Current Deals at Schaedler Yesco!  

Current Deals

  • Snap-to-Stud Cable Support
  • MP100 & MP300 Mobile Label Printers
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • SAWZALL® 5pk Carbide Blade Set
  • Germicidal UV-C Light
  • Stud Ball Magnetic Stud Finder
  • 19pc Hole Saw Kit
  • COVID-19 Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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IN-STOCK and now priced at $125 while supplies last.

LumiCleanse In-Stock!

  • Effectively eliminates bacteria, mold/fungi, viruses and allergens
  • Germicidal UV-C Quartz lamp with 254 nm wavelength
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Can be placed on any surface or hung from the ceiling
  • Low power consumption - uses only 38W
  • Recommended coverage area is 300 sq ft.
  • 8' power cord included
  • Use the remote to set a 15,30 or 60 minute timer
  • Motion sensor deactivates lamp if space becomes occupied
  • ETL Listed

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  Panduit Printing Solutions Now In-Stock!  

Panduit Printing Solutions Now In-Stock!


Whether printing in the office or in the field, Panduit’s mobile printers offer reliability and speed.

Learn more:
>> Manufacturer video
>> Info sheet
>> What inside sales has to say!


  Enter for a Chance to Win a Prize Pack from Milwaukee Tool  

Milwaukee Tool Promo


Milwaukee is giving away an Electrical Bending and Pulling Prize Pack - OVER $1,600 VALUE!!!

To enter, click here and complete the Official Entry Form
now through April 30, 2021. Limit one entry per person. Random drawing on or about 5/2/21 to determine the Grand Prize Winner. No purchase necessary to enter or win.

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(1) 100ft polyester Fish Tape w/ Flexible metal leader 48-22-4195
(1) 25Ft Fish Stick Kit 48-22-4160
(1) ½” EMT 48-22-4080
(1) 3/4" EMT, 1/2" Rigid, 1/2" IMC 48-22-4081
(1) 1" EMT, 3/4" Rigid, 3/4" IMC 48-22-4082
(1) M18 FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit 2997-22
(1) 9 PC HOLE DOZER™ With Carbide Teeth Hole Saw Kit 49-22-3079
(1) M12 FUEL™ Compact Band Saw Kit 2529-21XC
(1) M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Two Pack 48-11-1852
(1) M18™/M12™ Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20

  Milwaukee Tool Electronic Rebates  

Milwaukee Tool Promo


Check out the e-rebates being offered February 1 - April 30, 2021 by Milwaukee Tool.

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  Product News  

  Liquatite® Flexible Food Grade Conduits are now Antimicrobial  

Liquatite Flexible Food Grade Conduit

  Food processing flexible liquidtight jacketed conduit Types LAFG and LSSFG now have an improved PVC jacketing. These enhancements include a new food processing blue color, an even wider temperature range, and are now antimicrobial. Liquatite® Food Grade electrical conduits provide a flexible, liquidtight protective wiring raceway, ideally suited for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Bottling Equipment installations.

>> More details


  Solutions for Campus Communication Needs  

GAI-TRONICS, Leaders in Campus Safety Solutions


GAI-TRONICS offers a wide range of campus safety communications. From emergency phones and blue light towers to touchless communications, we have solutions to address all campus communication needs.

  • Tower Broadcast Assembly
  • Pedestal
  • Compact Tower
  • 234 Tower

Learn more >>

Educational Campus Communications & Controls Brochure >>


  Introducing Allen-Bradley's Next Gen DC Power Supplies  

The Next Gen Bulletin 1606-XLB Basic Switched Mode Power Supplies are designed for extended MTBF for longer service at a significant price advantage. The expanded product family now offers sizes including 1.5A, 2.5A, 3.75A, 5A, 10A, and 20A models. The single-board design enables up to an industry-leading 95.2% efficiency, resulting in reduced heat output. The Next Gen 1606-XLB Power Supplies also include a DC-OK signal allowing the ability to monitor the output voltage.

The Next Gen Bulletin 1606-XLE Essential Switched Mode Power Supplies have an improved compact design with increased efficiency for reduced heat output in your control panel.
AB Basic Switched Mode Power Supplies


They are now available with push-in, spring clamp and screw terminations and are offered with 12, 24, and 48V DC output from 3.3 - 40A with 120% power boost. The Next Gen series addresses high-availability applications with optional redundancy modules, including a load-sharing version.

Contact your Schaedler Yesco rep today to learn more!

>> Brochure (pdf)
>> Product Profile (pdf)
>> 1606-XLE Product Page
>> 1606-XLB Product Page


  Bulletin 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Safety Switch  

Do you experience machine downtime due to nuisance tripping of your safety interlock switches? Rockwell's new 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Safety Switch is a non-contact interlock device that is designed to protect a working process from unplanned downtime, to improve productivity, and increase efficiency while providing personnel safety.

The 440G-EZ electromagnetic safety switch is a cost-effective interlock solution that combines a Power to Lock (PTL) magnetic locking function featuring a 500N holding force and with ±5 mm misalignment tolerance. Intended for use on all types of guard doors, 440G-EZ electromagnetic safety switches are TÜV-certified up to Cat 4, SIL3, PLe — the highest level of safety for guard position. The magnetic locking feature further aids in door stability and reduces misalignment and nuisance tripping.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Safety Switch


To simplify installation, troubleshooting and maintenance, the switch offers on-board LED diagnostics indicating switch status as well as when the state of the output signal-switching devices (OSSD’s) are locked or unlocked.

To learn more about the 440G-EZ or for help with your machine safety application, contact your Schaedler Yesco representative!

>> Product Profile (pdf)
>> Installation Instructions (pdf)
>> User Manual (pdf)
>> Technical Data (pdf)


  1694 Electronic Circuit Protectors  

Is your 24VDC control circuit REALLY protected? As the controls and automation industry continues to move towards standardizing on DC controls, we often rely on former protection methods of utilizing AC technology (fuses and circuit breakers) in an attempt to protect DC power supplies, wiring and sensitive electronic components. Under fault conditions, the power supply itself often ends up protecting the circuit (sometimes at the expense of the power supply). But, what if the fault is in the wiring itself or in one of the electronic devices? Many recent tests indicate that it may take minutes for standard circuit breakers or fuses to trip under certain fault conditions.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1694 Modular Electronic Circuit Protectors


The new modular Rockwell Bulletin 1694 Electronic Circuit Protectors are specifically designed with digital trip curves to protect the secondary circuits of 24VDC switch mode power supplies against short circuits or overloads. The 1694 ECP Protection Modules (nominal current range of 1-10A) can be combined to protect up to 40A total. These snap-together modules are available in single or double channel in a 12.5mm housing and they provide dedicated protection (and trip points) for each circuit.

>> Watch Video
>> Product Profile (pdf)

>> Whitepaper (pdf)
>> User Manual (pdf)
>> Catalog Part Nos. Guide (pdf)
>> Additional Information



Know what your customers are looking for and how to
service them


Generac Generator


Demand is high and the power generation business continues to be healthy.

While everyone is adjusting to the current means of conducting business, more home and business owners are realizing the value of power, the disruption an outage can bring, and the peace of mind that reliable backup power can provide.

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  Our Construction Solutions Manager, Stephen Shepps, LC, tackles the Mysteries of Germicidal and Disinfectant Lighting.  

The Mysteries of Germicidal and Disinfectant Lighting


UV Disinfecting devices are being sold all over social media and on most online shopping resources. Everything from replacement light bulbs to desk lamps to magic wands that allegedly disinfect anything you wave it over. The claims of these products stem from the truth that, for decades, UV Lighting has been used as a sterilization and disinfection tool for hospitals and other institutional facilities. But that truth can be confusing if you don’t understand the science behind the types of UV light.  >> Read more


  MSR55P Back EMF Monitoring Safety Relays  

Allen-Bradley MSR55P Back EMF Monitoring Safety Relays

>> Product Profile (pdf)
>> User Manual (pdf)
>> Installation Instructions (pdf)
>> Additional Information


How does your machine safety system sense if your motors are safely stopped? Do you use special sensors or encoders? Rockwell's MSR55P relays offer sensor-free back EMF monitoring for standstill detection on single and three phase motors at lower installation and equipment costs. This solution doesn’t require purchasing/ installing proximity sensors or an encoder eliminating the need for costly mechanical and electrical modifications to your machine.


  NEW 42AF RightSight™ M30 High Power Smart Sensors  

>> Watch Video
>> Product Profile (pdf)
>> Polarized Retroreflective and Transmitted Beam
     Installation Instructions (pdf)

>> Background Suppression and Background Reflection
     Installation Instructions (pdf)

>> User Manual (pdf)
>> Additional Information

Allen-Bradley's new 42AF RightSight™ M30 family of high-power smart sensors addresses the challenges of a wide range of industries and applications. Combined with Rockwell PLC’s and IO Link technology, this sensor easily integrates into The Connected Enterprise, delivering data from the sensor directly into the control system to help minimize downtime and increase productivity. With powerful functionality in a single sensor, the M30 family from Allen-Bradley helps simplify product selection and is ideal for standardizing parts on a machine and reducing stocking costs.


  NEW 856T Control Tower Stack Lights  


Rockwell Automation’s new 856T Control Tower signaling system features a proven, modular construction design similar to the 855T but incorporates brighter LED illumination and a broad offering of sound technologies all in a 70mm diameter housing. This new design allows the 856T to meet the widest range of signaling applications with a reduced number of components (SKUs) without compromising functionality and flexibility.

  >> Watch Video
>> Migration Solutions - 855T to 856T (pdf)
>> Control Tower Technical Specifications (pdf)
>> Transducer Sound Modules (pdf)
>> Control Tower Base (pdf)
>> Light Modules (pdf)
>> Piezo Sound Modules (pdf)
>> Quick Disconnect Base (pdf)

Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!
  The World’s Fastest 3 Piece Coupling!

Atkore Raintight Universal Super Fitting


The Raintight Universal Super Fitting makes for an easy transition for GRC, IMC and EMT. It also connects to threaded or unthreaded product, saving labor and space.

Sizes 1/2" - 4" are in stock at Schaedler Yesco!

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Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!
  nLight® AIR Wireless Lighting Controls
Unlock Your Building’s Potential

nLight AIR Wireless Lighting Controls


In stock at Schaedler Yesco!

nLight® AIR wireless lighting controls offer indoor and outdoor options that scale with your needs. Start with simple stand-alone networks that aid in complying with energy codes while saving money on deployment costs. Expand nLight AIR to meet more complicated needs.
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  >> Watch video


  We Stock Colors of THHN at Schaedler Yesco!  

Color THHN

  THHN is available in black and colors in sizes 8 AWG through 750 kcmil (appropriate ground sizes also available) and you can have it when and where you need it, because it’s in stock at Schaedler Yesco.

>> Contact your sales rep for more info!


Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!
  LED PL Lamp Retrofit by Light Efficient Design  

LED PL Retrofit by Light Efficient Design


In stock at Schaedler Yesco!

4 Pin Universal PL Lamp Retrofit
Suitable for damp environments, 50,000 hour rated LED life, Replaces up to 26W 4-Pin CFL

  >> View the spec sheet

2 Pin Magnetic Ballast PL Lamp Retrofit
5W, 550 lumens, suitable for damp environments, 50,000 hour rated LED life, Replaces up to 9W 2-Pin PL

  >> View the spec sheet


Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!
  LED Emergency Back-up Drivers by Keystone  

LED Emergency Back-up Drivers by Keystone


In stock at Schaedler Yesco!

The LED emergency back-up kit enables emergency lighting
solutions to be incorporated into a variety of lighting fixtures
including direct-wire LED tube fixtures, fluorescent fixtures
and LED fixtures. Includes Driver, Battery, and LED Module. Also available in standard version.

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Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!
  Prysmian Medium Voltage Cable  

Prysmian Medium Voltage Now in Stock!


In stock at Schaedler Yesco!

There’s no need to wait for Medium Voltage Cable and accessories anymore! We now stock the most used products for next day delivery from the industry’s most trusted brand. If you need a product that’s not in OUR inventory, we can get it quick from factory stock. You’ll never be more than a few days away from the supplies you need.

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Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!
  Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!  

Schaedler Yesco is proud to be your Authorized Distributor for Generac Power Systems in Pennsylvania!

  View this informative video to learn about Generac products. Many of these items are in stock at Schaedler Yesco and are ready for quick delivery.

  >> Watch now

  Meet the new easy-to-use TiS Performance Series from Fluke

Meet the new TiS Performance Series


Introducing Fluke's new IR cameras with up to 2.5x the resolution to quickly assess equipment health. It's rugged design and innovative features make it easy to capture and analyze infrared images.

>> Watch video for more details

>> Click here to discover the top 5
     reasons industrial, commercial,
     and building professionals
     choose Fluke infrared cameras


  Brother Handheld Labeling Solutions

Brother Handheld Labeling Solutions


The fast, easy way to make labels that last!
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed by industry pros for
    industry pros
  • Easy-to-use system
  • High resolution text/symbols
    with adjustable type sizes
  • Smart label application keys to
    save common labels
  • Auto tape sensing
  • Graphical LCD display to
    preview your label

>> View the flyer for more details


  All "Signs" Point to ULT's EVERLINE® Sign Tube!



The EVERLINE® Sign Tube is an LED outdoor replacement for T12HO or T8HO lit signs.

 • Reduces maintenance &
   service calls
 • Uses up to 60% less electricity
 • Fast & Easy to install using
   existing RDC sockets
   without modification
 • Simple class II wiring

>> View the flyer for more details


Madison Shark Box Shark Tooth Fixture Box
  The only box that cuts its own hole - Shark Tooth Fixture Box!

Madison Shark Box Shark Tooth Fixture Box


 • A perfect cut every time - no
   special hole saw or template
 • Location accuracy during
 • Quick and easy to install
 • Mounting hole spacing
   accommodates 3/0 and 4/0
• Requires 9/16" driver (not

  >> View the flyer
  >> Watch the video


  Lithonia LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight for Shallow Ceiling Plenum Applications  

Lithonia Wafer LED Recessed Downlight

  The 4" and 6" Wafer LED Downlights combine high quality light output and efficiency while eliminating the need for pot light housings for competitive affordability. The innovative, slim design allows for easy retrofit, remodel or new construction installation from below the ceiling.

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  Lithonia Lighting - OFLR LED Security Floodlights


  Check out our selection of Journeyman Gloves from Klein Tools

Journeyman Gloves

  Constructed with the latest high-quality materials, the new Journeyman Gloves provide ample comfort and functionality.

   • Utility Gloves
   • Camouflage
   • Cold Weather Pro
   • Grip
   • Extreme
   • Leather

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  Hubbell RACO STAB-iT Cable Boxes...The fastest way to terminate MC into a box!

Hubbell RACO STAB-iT Cable Boxes


RACO is proud to introduce STAB-iT, a new line of boxes with built-in cable connectors for flexible armored cable.

 • The patent pending connectors are designed
   to lock the cable in place quickly and easily
   to increase production on every job.
 • Designed for quick installation of flex, MC,
   MCI, MCI-A, AC, and HCF Cable
 • For use on any job where flexible armored
   cable is being used
 • Labor saving of up to 25% per cable vs.
   competitors traditional methods

In Stock at SYD • Not available in all locations

>> View the flyer


  RACO Stud-Mount Mud Rings for 4" Square Boxes

RACO Stud-Mount Mud Rings for 4


RACO Stud-Mount Mud Rings provide secure support for 4" square boxes and feature a built-in mud ring.

 • Rigid bracket design eliminates the need for
   far-side support
 • Ability to eliminate electrical boxes in
   low-voltage installations
 • Positive Positing Tabs ensure consistent
   alignment on stud
 • Mounts quickly and easily to face of stud
 • UL Listed

In Stock at SYD • Not available in all locations

>> View the flyer


  MC Luminary Cable from AFC Cable Systems  

Announcing MC Luminary Cable from AFC!

Now Stocking at Schaedler Yesco's
Central Distribution Center

  AFC's MC Luminary Cable is built to solve the time-consuming problem associated with installation of dimming systems by delivering both power cables and control cable under one UL listed metal clad armor (MC Cable). Running only one cable provides an organized appearance in the wall. Available in both lightweight steel and aluminum armor, MC Luminary Cable can significantly reduce labor and installation time.

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  When there is no time for downtime…Think Siemens!

Schaedler Yesco is proud to announce that we are now stocking Siemens and Murray at all 18 of our locations throughout Pennsylvania.


The Siemens Quick Ship Program is now available at Schaedler Yesco!

Accidents, floods, even bad luck- you cannot anticipate emergencies, but you can plan for
them. When your electrical distribution system suffers damage and you need an expedited
replacement then look no further than the Siemens Quick Ship Program for switchgear,
switchboards, and panelboards. This program leverages Siemens experience, engineering,
expertise, and component availability to offer even the most complex switchboards in hours or days- not weeks and months.

>> View the flyer


  Control Your Ceiling Fan with Your Smart Device!  

Fanimation fanSync


Life made easier! Presenting fanSync by Fanimation Ceiling Fans. Now you can control your ceiling fans with your smart devices!

fanSync deftly integrates Bluetooth technology into a ceiling fan receiver compatible with most AC motor, three-speed fans. The fanSync application can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices. For more info on the Bluetooth compatible line of fanSync receivers, visit


  Save Time with Greenlee Gator Grips Crimp-On Cable Pulling Grips  

Greenlee Gator Grips

  Greenlee Gator Grips™ are now in stock at SYD. These time-saving crimp-on cable pulling grips are available in five lengths (extra short, short, medium, long, and extra long), and in six grips for cable sizes 1AMG through 750 MCM. You can install them yourself or have us do it for you. We can install any size Gator Grip for $35.00 each and offer one-day or next-day turnaround. Contact your SYD sales representative for details.

  >> Visit the Greenlee website