Recycling Services from Schaedler Yesco
Universal Waste Recycling
Universal Waste Recycling

Recycling Services for Pennsylvania State Compliance

Whether you recycle to maintain legal compliance or to preserve your company’s sustainability plan, we can help make sense of an otherwise complicated topic. Schaedler Yesco will help you determine the easiest and most efficient solution to maintain compliance with confidence.

Large Waste GeneratorsLarge Waste Generators
If your project or facility generates more than 3 skids of recyclables and you have a dedicated space for collecting those items, you may benefit from the Bulk Recycling Program.

Bulk Recycling Program
     • Lower recycling costs
     • Can use empty boxes from new lamp purchases
     • Empty boxes / containers available for nominal fee
     • Convenient pick up at your location

Small Waste GeneratorsSmall Waste Generators
For less waste or if you don’t have the space for collection, our Kit Recycling Program may work best for you.

Kit Recycling Program
     • Convenient, all-in-one pricing
     • Boxes / containers available for a variety of items
     • Shipping via FedEx right from your location
     • Certificate of Recycling mailed directly to you


     • Schaedler Yesco Recycling Brochure

How to choose Recycling Services
     • Bulk Recycling Matrix
     • Pre-Paid Kit Recycling Matrix

Packaging Guidelines for Bulk Recycling
     • Complete Guidelines book
     • Batteries
     • Capacitors
     • Electronic Waste
     • Lamp Ballasts
     • Specialty Lamps
     • Straight Fluorescent Lamps

Download and
Print Recycling Labels
     • Universal Waste Lamps/Ballasts
     • Universal Waste Batteries

What is Universal Waste?
Any item that contains mercury levels above the TLCB minimums must be recycled. When disposed of in municipal waste landfills, mercury can contaminate water supplies for both humans and animals with detrimental results. Schaedler Yesco has partnered with a certified, licensed recycler to properly dispose of these items quickly and easily.
     • Lamps
     • Ballasts
     • Fixtures
     • Batteries
     • Electronics

The Commonwealth of PA requires that all waste falling under the “universal waste” category be disposed of properly. Unlike federal regulations, Pennsylvania does not exempt any waste generator from following proper recycling regulations. In other words, no matter how much universal waste you generate – just a few boxes or several skids -- you are required to follow PA recycling laws. While new eco-friendly products fall below the mandatory recycling mercury level, local municipalities have limited the number of these items that can lawfully be disposed of in municipal waste. Please check with your local officials for requirements. Visit for more information.